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Restore connection to your dreams, to yourself
Let art be your guide 

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Art mimicking fragile poetry
Expanding minds meditation-wise
Enhancing growth
Original and exclusive artwork for those who want more out of art. 

Fire of the Goddess


You shall not pass.jpeg


I wrote a blogpost on art and meditation


'Sensual' series__This work captures the

Women & Archetypes

What we 're made of.jpg

conversations with the universe

gold heart_edited_edited.jpg

The Heart in art

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Behind the scenes

When I'm totally alone at home, this is how I paint. Best to put on your sound for this one. ;-)

This summer I was sculpting outside in the garden. Finishing touches here...

Love the mesmerising feel of the whirling paint.
And love gold! ^^

Always curious how it will work out.

I looove to work outside in the sun!! 
Sealing when finished.

Siliconemould washed and ready to dry. Love how even so you can see the energy in the face.

Adding fibers to grow the sculpture strong.

First layers are always a bit creepy.

Playing with goldleaf

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My story

Guen Dirks is a multipassionate artist, soulcoach, free spirit, writer, dancer, mother and gypsysoul. In summertimes she can be found sculpting in her garden or dancing barefoot in the sun between worlds, swaying her hoop around her hips to the music and smelling like fire from the night before. She lives with highs and lows and loves the paradoxes of life.

Her art is dedicated to light and darkness, the abstraction of the universe and the fragilty of being human.



As a two year old toddler, I seemed to have disappeared in the museum I was visiting with my parents. Until my mom found me sitting at a table, marker in my hands, carefully drawing to my hearts content. From that early age till now, I love to express myself through art in different ways. It is a healing lifesource, energizing me. 


My process mostly starts with a personal experience which I transform into a painting or sculpture, searching which materials express best what I want to be felt.
So it evolves into a dance between artist and artwork, a search in following and leading, balancing control and letting go. This results in my art having it’s own soul.


I wish to bring through my art an embracing of all that we are. It is a tribute to human fragility as a strength, with it’s paradoxes of light and darkness, highs and lows.

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"Your soul is directly adressed and invited to silence."

- Eve

"Versatile. Some works are sober, minimalistic, while others are exuberant. Always with a graceful simplicity."

- Wim

"Guen's art reflects the deep unfathomable, as well

rich powers that women, people and the world carry. "

- Laurence

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Maybe this: I'd love to create a new exclusive favourite for you
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ART advisory service

Let me help you ensure your new artpiece will enhance your office or home in the best possible way.

Delivered at home

Within Belgium I will personally deliver original artworks. Prints are delivered by an external service.

Atelier visit

If you never saw the work you want to purchase in real life, you can make an appointment to visit my studio. Only promise me you won't look at the mess. Artist chaos rules. ;-)

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_Your ability to listen to and take acti

For the purchase of original artwork, inquiries, commission requests, lovenotes or studio visits, feel free to contact me by one of the following ways.

0491 07 00 24

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"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

Pablo Picasso

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